Our Picnic at Tabula Rasa Bar!

Hey there Picnic Pals!

Yesterday was our Pop-Up premiere at Tabula Rasa Bar, and it was such a great time! We arrived early to set up in the back patio area, and as you can see Chef Kuniko couldn’t wait to get the picnic started!

Once set up was complete, it was off to the races! Our friends at Tabula Rasa Bar were kind enough to put together a perfectly balanced Sake tasting that paired beautifully with our Classic Chicken, Tenders, Ginger Onigiri, and Seaweed & Cucumber Salad. So thoughtful!

If Sake wasn’t quite your thing, there was also plenty of delicious beer and wine on hand! We found this Yuzu Lager, and bubbly wine to be a perfect compliment. A huge thank you to the helpful staff at Tabula Rasa Bar for the recommendations!

We served lots of food

And made lots of new friends too!

We’re so grateful to Tabula Rasa Bar for giving us the opportunity to share our food with some new faces, and to everyone who came out to spend some time with us! Hmmmm…maybe we’ll do this again sometime.

Stay tuned!


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