Dive in the Uni-licious Event

Intrigue… excitement and a belly full of deliciousness is what our Uni – Wild Seafood Workshop was all about.

Last July 28th was our first collaborative seafood event featuring the seafood masters themselves,  Seiichi Yokota ( IG @yokose.seafood ) and Sonoko Sakai ( IG @sonokosakai). 

The workshop was unique and enlightening as it focused on the enigmatic Uni, and more importantly, how deliciously dynamic it can be. 

As the event kicked off, we get an amazing introduction by Seiichi Yokota – one of the local purveyors that highlights Japanese Home Cooking : simple meals, authentic flavors. 

“He’s a 9th generation veteran, Japanese fishmonger who worked at the Toyama and Tsukiji Fish markets for more than 20 years, before moving to Los Angeles 4 years ago. One of his pursuit was seafood education – teaching people how to handle fish properly. His fundamental idea stems from the belief of respecting the ingredient.” – Introduction presented by Sonoko Sakai 

The event was divided into 3 groups, all of which had the opportunity to learn the step by step process of cleaning, fresh, local uni from Santa Barbara – using Seiichi honed techniques.


On to the best part.. Eating! After successfully extracting Uni from the shell, Chef Kuniko Yagi prepared a delicious 5 course meal with sake pairings, along with her famous Japanese style Fried Chicken!

And of course, the well-renowned writer, teacher and cook, Sonoko Sakai totally rocked her fresh hand-cut soba noodles, making this a memorable, unique and mouthwatering event!

Watch the full recap video on IGTV! Click the image below 👇


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Thank you for reading! And if you experienced this event, drop a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more events comings soon!


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